PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s High Street Hospitality Group is getting ready to open their first New York restaurant. Among the owners is a chef who was critically injured in the Amtrak derailment in May.

Ellen Yin, co-owner of Philadelphia’s High Street and Fork restaurants says High Street on Hudson, which opens Monday, will be her first restaurant in New York.

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“We have our pastry and egg sandwich program,” Yin says. “In the afternoon it’s like a destination sandwich shop, and then in the evening we have a dinner program that is new contemporary American.”

But the process has not been without challenges. Two months after signing the lease, her business partner, Eli Kulp, was a passenger aboard an Amtrak train from Philadelphia to New York and became paralyzed when it derailed.

“He obviously had a severe spinal cord injury,” Yin says. “I’m sure you’ve read all the publicity. He’s in a wheelchair and he’s doing the best he can to contribute.”

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Yin says Kulp is still coping with his new reality.

“He needs 24-hour a day care,” she says. “He has to have people around him all the time.”

She says Kulp has a long recovery ahead of him. It was unclear whether he would be at the grand opening.

“I certainly hope he’ll be here,” Yin says. “I can’t imagine opening a restaurant without Eli.”

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Yin says opening a restaurant in New York was one of Kulp’s personal goals, but one her goals has been to have several restaurants under their umbrella.