By Mike Dougherty

CAMDEN, NJ (CBS) — Camden is hosting its first ever public school enrollment fair next year. School district officials hit the streets today to spread the word.

Superintendent Paymon Rouhanifard and a team of volunteers went door to door on Kaighn Avenue, asking merchants to display the flyer on the January 30th event in their storefronts.

“All publicly funded schools in Camden will be represented, so all of our traditional public schools, our renaissance schools, our charter schools. Everyone will be there.”

They have also simplified the application process, which used to be confusing with nine different deadlines.

“This is just about making sure our families’ lives are easier through streamlining the process and to make sure they have the best information possible.”

Rouhanifard says school principals will be at the enrollment fair to talk with parents about programs and after school activities.

“Here’s one application. You rank the schools that you want your child to go to and you get one outcome.”

The fair will be held at the BB&T Pavilion on January 30th.