By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The luxury hotel that used to be the Four Seasons on Logan Square reopens today as The Logan.

After a seven-month overhaul, the The Logan Hotel is open. Named after the statesman and onetime mayor James Logan, the 390-room Hilton Curio property includes local artwork, says sales director Sandy Heydt.

“The art collection and the unique design features are what really stand out to people at the first blush.”

General Manager Joe Santore says a lobby statue has become a focal point.

Santore with the lobby's "Iron Man" sculpture (credit: Mike DeNardo)

Santore with the lobby’s “Iron Man” sculpture
(credit: Mike DeNardo)

“The vernacular has really become “Logan Man,” but it’s really Hombre de Hierro, “Iron Man,” represents right in the lobby. And it shows, really, the various stages of Philadelphia’s evolution.”

The farm-to-fork Urban Farmer — with an exterior entrance — replaces The Fountain restaurant.

The Logan has an entirely new look, but Santore says 60-percent of the 288 workers are holdovers from the Four Seasons.