By Kristen Johanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) —   Before the Army-Navy game this weekend, a nonprofit that aims to help veterans held a gala Thursday night at the Union League in Center City.

It was called the ‘If Not Me, Then Who?’ gala.

The event was hosted by the Travis Manion Foundation, a non-profit group named in honor of a fallen Iraq war solider.

Manion was a Doylestown native, and was known for his leadership.

Army veteran Hugo Lentze says the group works to empower veterans and young people.

“We focus on character, service and character in action,” he said.

Navy veteran Michael McNamara says the motto of the party came from Travis himself, when his brother-in-law was joking around with him about breaking his ankle so Travis wouldn’t have to be deployed overseas.

“Travis then got a bit serious and said, ‘Dave, if not me than who? Who will protect these people? No one is more qualified than I am.’ And that’s the way Travis lived his life. ”

But Manion did deploy, and was killed in 2007.

The foundation is now the largest Veteran Service Organization in the region.

For more information on the Travis Manion Foundation, click here.