PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Parents, are you on the hunt for the hottest toys of the holiday season?

From toys that race around the room, to stuffed animals that sing and dance, Ali Mierzejewsi, senior editor of shares the hottest toys of this year.

“The first thing to keep in mind is what your kids’ interests are.”

Ultimate Olaf from “Frozen” is always a big hit.

“He is a remote control Olaf. He can follow kids and also sing and dance.”

Ultimate Olaf is for kids ages three and up.

Next up is ‘Cling Creator’ by Crayola. Ali says, “This will make window clings by combining solutions with colors. Kids mix it into a tub, pour it into a mold, and in twenty minutes you get a set window cling.”

Kids may also enjoy ‘Epic’ by Leapfrog. It is packed with educational content and kids’ safe internet and parental controls.

“It looks like a real tablet, and it has a customized home screen that kids can drag and drop characters into the world.”

Construction based toys, like LEGOs, are also big this year. A toy similar to that is the Shopkins construction line. The ‘Shopville Town Center’ has shopping items, beauty products and clothes.”

Shopkins is for kids six and up.

Kids also love ‘Gogo Smart Wheels’ by VTech. “As the cars cross over the smart points on the track, it teaches kids colors and numbers and
other fun things.”

And if your child is into dinosaurs, MiPosour by WowWee may be right for you.

“He is a robotic dinosaur that is controlled by gestures. Kids can swipe their hands or use a track ball via Bluetooth, so if kids shake it, it will dance.”

Lastly in the hottest toys of 2015 is the hoverboard. The ‘S Glide’ by Glitek goes up to 12 MPH and can ride up to 12 miles on one charge.

Ali says, “It has Bluetooth speakers so you can set up your smart device and cruise along listening to your favorite songs.”

Just make sure to always wear a helmet!