By Stephanie Stahl

By Stephanie Stahl

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New help for the 30 million people who struggle with varicose veins, a new FDA approved treatment that’s quick, easy and painless.

Matthew Fisher is having a medical grade glue injected into the varicose veins in his leg.

“They’re big, they’re bulky, they’re bulging,” said Matthew. “In the summer time I don’t want to walk around with these bulging veins on my legs.”

The South Jersey police officer says he spends a lot of time doing activities in shorts and bathing suits.

Aside from how they look, Matt says the varicose veins are painful, especially when he works out.

“While we tend to think of them as an unsightly condition it’s a real medical condition,” said Dr. Charles Dietzek, a board certified Vascular Surgeon and Vein Specialist, at the Vein and Vascular Institute. “These people have a lot of symptoms which affect their life.”

Dr. Charles Dietzek is using a brand new treatment for varicose veins, called Venaseal.

With a needle, a tiny catheter is treaded into the vein, and then the glue is injected into the vein, which shuts it down. An ultrasound is used to monitor placement of the adhesive.

“It’s less invasive and you know, I can go right back to work after this,” Matt said.

Matt is among the first in the area to get the new quick and painless treatment. It’s an alternative to using heat or chemicals to seal off varicose veins, and less invasive than surgical vein stripping.

“In a period of 15-20 minutes the procedure is done,” said Dr. Dietzek.”You walk out as if nothing was done, no compression stockings.”

The glue treatment can cost as much as $4,000 and is not covered by insurance. It can cause some bruising, but the results are immediate and usually last forever. For more information, go to

Stephanie Stahl