Chris reviews President Obama’s comments on confronting ISIS, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announcement that the commonwealth will continue accepting Syrian refugees, and actor Charlie Sheen’s revelation that he has HIV. He talked with Congressman Lou Barletta at about his letter to Governor Wolf urging him to reconsider accepting Syrian refugees and former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik at about the possibility of ISIS attacking a US city.

6:00 President Obama expressed confidence yesterday that the US strategy against ISIS will succeed.

6:20 California Senator Diane Feinstein questioned President Obama’s strategy confronting ISIS.

6:22 Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf says the commonwealth is open to accepting Syrian refugees.

6:25 Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is rolling back some of Philadelphia’s sanctuary city rules.

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7:18 Chris talks with Congressman Lou Barletta about his letter to Governor Tom Wolf asking him to stop taking in Syrian refugees.

8:01 Charlie Sheen announced he is HIV positive.

8:20 Chris talks with former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik about the threat posed by ISIS inside the United States.

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