By Ian Bush

TRENTON, N.J., (CBS) — Governor Christie uses his veto pen to nix a bill that would have overhauled election law in New Jersey.

The legislation passed in June would have automatically registered people to vote when they applied for a driver’s license and would have offered more early voting opportunities.

“We just came through an election in New Jersey that had the lowest turnout in the history of the state. One out of 5 people voted, so we’re just looking to try to increase participation.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem Counties) argues that Christie’s veto is a move to keep certain voters from going to the polls:

“We shouldn’t be restricting any kind of organizations or groups of people who live in this state. We shouldn’t make it more difficult.”

In a statement, Governor Christie calls the bill “political gamesmanship” and says New Jersey “must ensure that every eligible citizen’s vote counts and is not stolen by fraud.”

Sweeney says lawmakers will consider all options, including putting the provisions on a future ballot for voters to decide.