PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Outgoing Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey addressed film director Quentin Tarantino’s comments at a Black Lives Matter rally and his plans for the future, when a new Mayor takes office in January.

Ramsey, talking to Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, said he refuses to be bothered by Tarantino, or other celebrities who criticize police.

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“I don’t pay any attention to guys that like. I don’t know what his knowledge base is on any of this stuff. They’ve got a name, they’ve got a little bit of a platform, that doesn’t mean that they’re well informed. I don’t, really, give them any more credit than they have coming…He should stay out of policing and I’ll stay out of the movie making business.”

He did state his replacement has some serious issues that need to be confronted, but believes whoever it is will be up to the job.

“Continuing to drive the crime rate down. That’s the biggest challenge. We have a lot of issues here in Philadelphia, high rates of poverty for an example, an educational system that has certainly not done enough to put kids in a position where they can actually compete on a global basis. There are a lot of different issues and, of course, the heightened sensitivity around police tactics, strategies, relationships, things of that nature will be something that has to be dealt with. All these things, I think, can be overcome.”

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Ramsey has previously indicated he has no intention of slowing down and expects to assume higher profile role.

“What I plan to focus on, once I retire, is really focusing on helping other departments implement the 21st Century Taskforce recommendations. I think a lot can be done. It’s difficult for me to do it while I have a job like this that requires an awful lot of time and attention, but I think I can help policing on a national level.”


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