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By David Madden

CAMDEN, N.J., (CBS) — A Camden charter school got its student body to get involved in today’s election by hitting the streets. Literally.

Students at Freedom Prep donned t-shirts, carried signs and urged drivers on Mount Ephraim Avenue to honk their horns. The hope was that the youthful effort would encourage the adults in the car to vote.

As their shirts said, “I can’t vote, but you can.”

Civics teacher Carlie Fitzgerald told KYW Newsradio, “They’re really just working on their own. They get this drive in them and it’s just really empowering to see especially the youngest ones get excited.”

Mind you, that excitement could come from getting out of class for awhile to do something different. Is it getting the kids excited about politics? Hard to tell.

One 8th grader suggested she wants to be a police officer when she grows up.

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