3pm – Rich recaps the Republican debate.

3:30pm – Republicans candidates attack the media.

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3:50pm – Bill Maher agrees with Ted Cruz regarding media.

3:55pm – Women going the extra mile to look good in yoga pants.

4pm – Ask the Doctor: Dr. Mazz discussed Marco Rubio’s sweating spasm, average healthy sleep cycles and the Ebola nurse sues Chris Christie.

4:30pm – Is live tweeting ruining live shows?

4:50pm – Chris Christie fires back over Fantasy Football question.

4:55pm – NFL football player fined for showing support for mother who passed from breast cancer.

5pm – Susquehanna will replace ‘Crusader’ nickname

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5:05pm – The ladies of The View attack Carly Fiorina.

5:15pm – An official checklist for offensive Halloween costumes.

5:25pm – Reince Priebus is to blame for the CNBC debate.

5:30pm – Don’t go as Jeb Bush for Halloween.

5:40pm – John Haywood attacks Republican candidates.




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