PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The President representing the thousands of members of the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 announced that the Board of Directors voted unanimously to boycott all works by film director Quentin Tarantino.

President John McNesby said in a press release, “Tarantino has shown through his actions that he is anti-police. Mr. Tarantino has made a good living through his films, projecting into society at large violence and respect for criminals; he it turns out also hates cops.”

McNesby said, “Tarantino made his statements in NYC before P/O Randolph Holder, NYPD, who was killed in the line of duty, was laid to rest. Lodge 5 would like to note that the NYC Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, President Pat Lynch has also called for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino films.”

President of the PBA, Patrick J. Lynch adds, “It’s no surprise that someone who makes a living glorifying crime and violence is a cop-hater, too. The police officers that Quentin Tarantino calls “murderers” aren’t living in one of his depraved big screen fantasies — they’re risking and sometimes sacrificing their lives to protect communities from real crime and mayhem. New Yorkers need to send a message to this purveyor of degeneracy that he has no business coming to our city to peddle his slanderous “Cop Fiction.” It’s time for a boycott of Quentin Tarantino’s films.”

Along with FOP Lodge 5, the Philadelphia Firefighters and Paramedics Local Union 22 announced on Thursday it will also boycott all existing and future works by Tarantino as a result of his comments regarding police officers.

“We join our brothers and sisters in blue in expressing our outrage at the hateful anti-police remarks made by Tarantino and join FOP Lodge 5 in boycotting all of the film director’s works,” said Thomas.

“By using his celebrity status to equate police officers to “murderers,” Tarantino has, in essence, painted bulls-eyes on the backs of every police officer the world-over.  His hate speech is maliciously false, reckless and dangerous.  This is a man who profits from and glorifies violence, crime and murder in his films.  He is a hypocrite who should issue a heartfelt apology to every police officer who he maligned.  We urge all our brothers and sisters in the International Alliance of Fire Fighters to join IAFF Local 22 in boycotting Tarantino’s films.”