3pm – Did the Benghazi hearings hurt or help Hillary Clinton?

3:40pm – Cheese isn’t exactly ‘healthy’.

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3:43pm – The Justice Department determines no criminal charges in IRS probe.

3:50pm – Hillary cackles during the Benghazi hearing.

4pm – Assemblyman Moriarty discussed a new legislation inspired by a cancer patient’s plight with driver’s license renewal.

4:15pm -If you could go back in time, would you kill Baby Hitler?

4:35pm – The Porn-gate update.

4:50pm – Offensive Halloween costumes.

5pm – The Philadelphia 76ers tweet about John Kasich’s low poll numbers. 

5:10pm – The decline of Jeb Bush.

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5:25pm – CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin Suggests Chris Stevens’ ‘Risky Behavior’ Was Responsible For His Death.

5:27pm – Facebook post can lead to a legal campaign contribution.

5:30pm – Back to the Future predicts 9/11.

5:50pm – Bride gives Christian ‘certificate of purity’ to prove virginity





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