By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Well, it was nice while it lasted.

Gone are the gorgeous 70’s of the previous few days, and back for the foreseeable future are the low to mid 60’s. But hey, it’s that time of year, and it sure as heck beats the 50’s of last weekend.

Philadelphia has been on a pattern of three’s for the past few weeks. Three 70’s, three 60’s, three 50’s, three 70’s, and now back to three 60’s beginning today. You’ll need your sunglasses on Friday for sure, as blue skies dominate.

Saturday will again be dry but will feature a few more clouds as the next system approaches. This new cold front will bring the next chance of any rain in the form of showers Sunday morning, before clearing out by the end of the weekend.

In the Pacific, Category 5 Hurricane Patricia is setting records. It is now being labeled as the strongest Hurricane of all time. As of this morning, winds are sustained at 200 mph, with gusts up to 245. It is just off the coast of Mexico, and will unfortunately be making a turn for the shore over the next few hours. A catastrophic landfall will take place later this evening, wreaking havoc on the many resorts along the coast.

The only positive to take out of this is that Patricia will be short lived once it makes landfall, getting ripped apart my the mountainous terrain of that area. Even then, heavy rain and landslides are likely. It doesn’t end there; the tropical energy will track across the country and bring heavy rains to Texas in the coming days, with 5-10″ possible over that stretch. That moisture will then move our way by the middle of next week, which could make for the first soaking rain since the beginning of October.