By Andrew Porter


Who’s more popular among Philadelphia Eagles fans: Bradley Cooper or Donovan McNabb?

Amazingly, the Philadelphia born actor and voice of the Eagles’ 2014 promotional campaign might actually be more popular than the team’s greatest—yet polarizing—quarterback in franchise history.

Either way, both Cooper and No. 5 were in attendance last Monday for the Eagles’ 27-7 win over the New York Giants. McNabb was there supporting his former teammate Brian Westbrook, who was inducted into the Philadelphia Eagles Hall Of Fame, while Cooper was sitting in the owner’s box with Jeffrey Lurie.

“No, he’s a great guy,” Cooper said of Lurie, Thursday on The Jimmy Kimmel Show. “I’m glad the Eagles won because it’s so tense when they don’t. I went last year, when the Dallas [Cowboys] killed us and that wasn’t great. McNabb was there. Donovan McNabb was there, which was incredible.”

Cooper admitted McNabb sort of snubbed him and then he committed a true Eagles fan no-no, without even realizing.

“I mean I tried to hang with him a little more—I was like, ‘I remember when you threw the 4th-and-25!’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK.’ But no,” Cooper said, “He was very nice.”

4th-and-25? Cooper is of course referring to Freddie Mitchell’s 4th-and-26 catch during a divisional playoff game in 2004 against the Green Bay Packers, one of the most prestigious plays in team history. That play is commonly referred to as “4th-and-26,” not 4th-and-25.

Come on, Coop. No wonder why McNabb didn’t want to talk to you.

Lastly, Kimmel rubbed in the National League Championship win by the New York Mets.

“Congratulations to the Mets,” Cooper, also a Phillies fan, said.