By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Is a hot dog a sandwich?

94WIP’s Spike Eskin has been an advocate of this viral debate on Twitter for months now, and he strongly believes a hot dog is in fact a sandwich.

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Eagles defensive lineman Bennie Logan, who is quickly becoming a fan-favorite in Philly, weighed in on the hot dog debate during his weekly “Ask Bennie Anything” segment Wednesday’s at 5:00 p.m. with the 94WIP Josh Innes Show.

“Yeah, because ain’t a sandwich like two buns with meat in between?” Logan said. “Yeah, I think it’s a sandwich.”

“It is,” Eskin agreed.

Listen: Bennie Logan on the 94WIP Josh Innes Show


Here are some other random questions Logan answered on Wednesday.

Q: Do you wear socks when you sleep?

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Logan: “No, your feet be hot man. I wanna be cold when I sleep. I don’t want no socks or nothing. I’m gonna have to wake up out my sleep, take my socks off, disturb my sleep.”

Q: See Tank [Hollis Thomas] sleeps naked. Do you sleep naked?

Logan: “That’s a personal question. Nah, of course I do! I like to be relaxed when I sleep, I don’t want to be all the boxers on and all that. I like to be relaxed and cold and enjoying my sleep.”

Q: Whose locker on the Eagles smells the worst?

Logan: I mean I don’t know. I’m not smelling lockers. I’m not an odor detective or nothing. I don’t know.

Q: Would you rather drink a bottle of shampoo or eat a bar of soap?

Logan: What the? Man….I’m not doing none of that. No! I hope this is a kid or something that asked this question.

Q: Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

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Logan: I’ll smash all of them. I’ll just step on them. Or you just kick ’em, kick ’em in the neck.