By Melony Roy

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — If you want the public’s opinion on anything — what to name your dog, who will win tonight’s game, which election issue people care most about– Twitter is rolling out a new feature to help you.

Twitter has introduced a new way for people to express their opinions, through polling.

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Any Twitter user will be able to create a poll within the “compose box” to get feedback from the network’s 316 million monthly active users.

(photo credit: Twitter)

(photo credit: Twitter)


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The polls will be live for 24 hours. Users are allowed 20 characters for each choice, and the poll is limited to text. When the poll closes, Twitter will send a push notification to those who participated to show the final results.

The new feature allows brands to more easily interact with consumers to get feedback or gauge popular opinion, and users can quickly voice an anonymous opinion.

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Twitter is rolling out the poll feature over the next few days across iOS, Android, and the web.