PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul discussed his campaign, the battle across the aisle for the Democratic nomination and being trapped in a media cycle with Donald Trump.

Paul, talking with Rich Zeoli on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT, discounted rumors that his campaign is struggling to maintain its momentum.

“It’s like the old Mark Twain adage, ‘rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.’ I think some people have a reason or they have an ulterior motive. Some people, who are my opponents, obviously want to take voters that are mine and some people don’t want a different kind of voice to be out there, and frankly, mine is. I think I’m the only fiscal conservative in the race.”


He stated he’s tired of being asked questions about fellow candidate Donald Trump and the attacks he’s thrown at his contenders, like former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“We’re stuck in a reality tv show. Until we can break free of that, we’re not going to have a substantive discussion of the events of the day.”

Paul also fired a shot at Democratic candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who is trying to be the first openly socialist candidate to run a successful national campaign.

“It really worries me. Socialism is an evil system. Violence is inherent to it. I don’t care whether it’s democratic socialism or authoritarian socialism. Socialism means that you take away choice from consumers and you take away choices from people making the goods. If they resist that, you fine them. If they resist again, you imprison them. And ultimately, at many times in our history, the people who have resisted socialism, ultimately, there becomes mass violence against those people.”