3pm – Joe Biden suspected of running in the Presidential campaign.

3:15pm – President Obama’s comments on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal were inappropriate.

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3:30pm – The Mets win the NLDS.

3:35pm – Even with low polling numbers, money keeps candidates in the Presidential race.

3:40pm – CNBC changes debates to meet Donald Trump and Ben Carson’s demands.

3:45pm – Matt Brouillette, President and CEO of the Common Wealth Foundation discussed civil asset forfeiture.

4pm – Rich spoke with Ryan Krill, President of Cape May Brewing Company about beer brewing business.

4:20pm – Christopher Koopman,  a research fellow on the Project for the Study of American Capitalism with Mercatus Center at George Mason University discussed Fan Duel and the Draft King drama.

4:30pm – Hillary Clinton suggest Australia gun ban.

5pm – Donald Trump fires back at South Korea question.

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5:05pm – How did Anderson Cooper do at the debate?

5:15pm – Have you ever written a bad review on YELP?

5:20pm – Bre Payton, staff writer at The Federalist, discussed her latest article, ‘South Park’ Is Right: Yelp Has Made Us All Jerks.

5:25pm – Some restaurants want to eliminate tipping.

5:35pm – Real hanging body perceived as a Halloween prop.




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