By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The demolition contractor facing six counts of murder in the 2013 Center City building collapse was on the witness stand for the second day at the Criminal Justice Center.

The pictures of the six people that died in the collapse were set up on an easel in front of 51-year-old Griffin Campbell.

His lawyer asked if he intentionally tried to hurt or kill them. He said no. Campbell mentioned female members of his family implying he wouldn’t want something like that to happen to them.

In cross examination, Campbell’s insurance fraud conviction several years ago was brought up, where he was found guilty to commit theft by deception.

The prosecutor asked if he involved his mother, wife and daughter in the scheme. He said yes but that there was no danger to their personal safety.

Also an OSEA document was discussed where Campbell allegedly stated to an investigator that the excavator was at the site of the collapse to load metal in a dumpster and to help take down the east wall of the building.

Campbell said he doesn’t recall saying that. Earlier in the day, Campbell told the court the excavator was only there to load metal into the dumpster and at no point did he order the operator to strike the building.