By Kevin McGuire

The fans are turning on Eagles head coach Chip Kelly. So is Buzz Bissinger. Meanwhile, the new franchise running back wants to carry the football more. Things are not all well in Eaglesville, with the Birds off to a woeful 1-3 start to the NFL season. Sure, there is enough time to turn things around – nobody is stepping up and running away with the NFC East – but the pressure is mounting and the tension is tightening in Philadelphia. Blood is in the water and nobody appears to be safe moving forward.

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Chip Kelly Offering Fans Andy Reid Flashbacks

Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid may be a few years removed from coaching on the sidelines at the Linc, but Chip Kelly has served up plenty of reminders of what it was like to have Reid as head coach recently. The phrase “I have to do a better job” has been uttered more than enough times this past week by Kelly for fans who heard Reid say that all too often during his tenure. Kelly is right though, he does have to do a better job. His roster decisions as general manager have not allowed his job as coach to perform effectively, but Kelly still must adapt to situations and circumstances better if the Eagles are to turn this season around before things really get out of control.

Buzz Bissinger Blasts Chip Kelly

This week, sportswriter Buzz Bissinger aimed his angst at Chip Kelly, calling the head coach of the Eagles a fraud. Bissinger made his media rounds this week, including a stop on the WIP Morning Show with Angelo Cataldi. You may remember that Bissinger made comments about former Eagles quarterback Nick Foles and his personality. Foles has since been moved. Could Kelly be elsewhere next year as well? One may just wonder who Bissinger will take aim on next.

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Speaking of sportscasters with opinions…

Stephen A. Smith says the Dallas Cowboys are now the victims of karma after not taking care of players they should have. The Cowboys, coming off a loss to the New Orleans Saints (the Eagles next opponent) and playing through key injuries to Tony Romo and Dez Bryant, should have paid Eagles running back DeMarco Murray, according to Smith. Truth is, Stephen A. is spot on in this situation. With the offensive line assembled in Dallas, Murray would likely be having a better start to his season running the football had he stayed in Dallas.

Speaking of DeMarco Murray…

The comments from Murray following the loss to Washington this week were telling. Everybody is frustrated, and Murray is among those not satisfied with the way things have been going so far. When asked if he has been carrying the football enough, Murray said no, although he did so with a respectable tone. Murray may not have lashed out and thrown a temper tantrum the way some players might, which is a good sign, but given his proven pedigree he is able to say things that carry a message in a respectful manner. Murray exhibited some maturity and patience in his handling of the situation. When he has had a chance to carry the football, not a whole lot has happened behind a shaky offensive line.

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