By Pat Loeb

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia’s election watchdog group is resorting to a “Right to Know” request to track down the whereabouts of the city’s chief election official.

City Commission Chairman Anthony Clark has come under fire for spending little time at the office, failing to vote himself and for recently, having to pay a fine for violating the election laws he’s charged with upholding. Now, the watchdog Committee of 70 has joined three other “good government” groups in requesting a number of records.

Director David Thornburg says they’re hoping to get a sense of his work habits and productivity.

“So emails, business use of any official autos, cell phone logs,” he says, “clocking in, clocking out of the office.”

Clark was not available, but the Commission’s Right to Know officer Fred Voigt says the request will be addressed “in the ordinary course.”

“Whatever they’re entitled to,” Voigt says, they will get.”

Clark, as one of three candidates for three positions, is assured of re-election, regardless of the request’s outcome.