By Michael Cerio

Will someone please adjust the bass and let the Alpine blast?

Just as you’ve packed your shorts back under the bed, here comes Will Smith to get you stoked for summer time again.

Friday we got our first taste of the Fresh Prince rapping again after years away with his appearance with Bomba Estereo on “Fiesta”. Today we learn he has got about thirty more in the chamber and is “pretty certain” a summer tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff is coming next year.

During an interview with Zane Lowe for Beats 1 Radio, the Philly rapper and actor explained that in between movie shoots he has recorded at least thirty tracks, with at least a couple that he likes.

On jumping back in the game Smith says, “When you’ve had a certain amount of success it seems like it should breed confidence, but it actually doesn’t. You know it’s the craziest thing, when you win a lot you lose the ability to lose. You’re not allowed to lose anymore. You actually lose the ability to create right? Because that reckless abandon, and it’s something I’m getting back from kids, they really don’t care. That kind of reckless abandon and that lack of fear and not trying to protect anything and not trying to live up to a legacy and anything like that.”

“Fear is the killer of creativity” explains Smith.

If the tour happens, it would be the duo’s first official full tour according to Smith. “Jeff and I actually never have done a full tour. I was always on ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’, I was always either making a movie so we’ve never actually done a full tour. So I’m looking this summer to be the first time that we go out on a full world tour.