By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Who better than mom bloggers and their children to test out the latest trend in toys and other products as the holiday season approaches?

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Two area mom-bloggers hosted a mixer at the Franklin Institute on Saturday showcasing some of the hottest products of the season.

Nine-year-old Kenzie gave “Happy Dance Snoopy” the thumbs up.

“He has a sensor on his nose, so when you press it or kiss it his ears go up and he makes that little noise,” she said. “And what I like is he is kind of soft still, even though he has that robot thing in him.”

Another one of the highly rated toys by the children was Caca Max.

“You let him walk,” Kenzie explained, “and he poops.”

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Colleen Padilla of Classy Mommy and Whitney Wingerd of Mommies with Style threw the event for the fifth year.

“The idea is that you are kind of connecting it through social media, because all of these kids will be able to play with all these hot toys while their moms are able to take pictures of it and share it on Instagram,”  said Padilla. “So we have a hashtag mom mixer so people can follow along.

“The moms are the buyers and the brands are smart, they know that,” Wingerd said, “so they market to us and they are getting to the buyer.”

Colleen Padilla (L) and Whitney Wingerd (R) host a mixer at the Franklin Institute. (credit: John McDevitt)

Colleen Padilla (L) and Whitney Wingerd (R) host a mixer at the Franklin Institute. (credit: John McDevitt)

“And then what we kind of came up with the idea was instead of all these moms connecting only online was let’s bring them together in real life so the moms can meet each other,” Padilla said, “but then they can actually meet the companies and brands that they use and love to learn even more about them.”

About 200 social media influencers, mom bloggers and children attended the event.

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