By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are iconic moments in Philadelphia sports history that always find a way to come up in discussion. One moment that Philadelphia can’t shake is the infamous booing of Santa Claus.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan took the stage on Saturday night at the Festival of Families and even the midwest native couldn’t avoid bringing up Philadelphia relationship with Santa.

“Philadelphia really stepping up,” said Gaffigan. “An amazing event they’re hosting here and you know, Philadelphia loves the Pope. It’s amazing.”

Gaffigan then transitioned into the often used booing Santa Claus narrative.

“I wasn’t worried that Philadelphia wasn’t going to love the Pope, but let’s just say Philadelphia was not too nice to Santa Claus. So….are they booing me or Santa Claus? The Santa Claus…it stays. There’s still problems with Santa Claus.”