3pm – Texas Governor Greg Abbott wants Tim Tebow.

3:03pm – Donald Trump responds to criticism over Muslim comment. 

3:05pm – Ben Carson believes a Muslim should never be President.

3:30pm –  Coreco JaQuan Pearson shreds President Obama over support of Ahmed Mohamed.

3:45pm –  Rich recaps the Emmy Awards.

4pm – U.S. soldiers told to ignore sexual abuse of boys by Afghan allies.

4:15pm – Breaking News: Scott Walker is dropping out of the race.

4:30pm – Philly Mag Associate Editor Joel Mathis discussed the court suspending Kathleen Kane’s law license.

5pm – Hillary Clinton confirms she is human.

5:05pm – Bernie Sanders talks with Stephen Colbert.

5:20pm – Ted Cruz believes excluding Muslims is unconstitutional. 

5:25pm – Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade believes the Pope is in the wrong country.

5:26pm – Gov. Chris Christie unhappy with Pope’s visit to Cuba.