By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s another short blog today! Skies will remain sunny, with low humidity and comfortably warm temperatures. Thursday will be a great day to do most anything; the same goes for Friday a virtual carbon copy.

Saturday and Sunday will both stay dry as well, but the heat and humidity will slowly creep back into the picture. By early next week, we expect to be back around 90, for what could be the last gasp for that true, steamy summer weather.

The weather isn’t so perfect elsewhere. We continue to keep an eye on tropical storm Erika, who has already begun to impact the Lesser Antilles and now has it’s sights set on Puerto Rico, where tropical storm warnings have been issued. It will then take aim at the Bahamas, and is then forecast to slow down and strengthen a bit as it curves north off the Florida coast. Most of the models would then take it slowly back out to sea, but the possibility that it could move ashore is still there. We will be keeping you updated throughout the week.