By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are plenty of “unwritten rules” in Major League Baseball. One of them is, you don’t quick-pitch hitters.

In the seventh inning of Tuesday night’s game, Mets reliever Hansel Robles tried to quick-pitch Phillies outfielder Darin Ruf. While Ruf was in the batters box, he clearly wasn’t ready for the pitch. Home-plate umpire Dan Bellino did award Ruf time-out, but still, Ruf’s teammate Jeff Francoeur was irate.

Francoeur came to the dugout steps yelling and eventually, Phillies bench coach Larry Bowa was ejected.

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“Let the guy (expletive) step in the box,” Francoeur said after the game. “Ruf had one foot in the box. That’s chicken (expletive). That’s what it is.”

Robles, as well as Mets manager Terry Collins, did not think anything was done wrong.

“I was surprised they were mad about it,” Robles said. “The batter was in the box and the umpire pointed to me.”

“Until they make the (quick) pitch illegal,” Collins said, “You can do it.”

The Mets went on to beat the Phillies 6-5, taking the first two games of the three game series.