By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA¬†(CBS) – Sports analyst Beasley Reece assessed the trade that ended Chase Utley’s career with the Philles and sent him to Los Angeles, speculating that his relationship with for teammate Jimmy Rollins led Utley to make the decision to waive his no-trade clause.

Reece told Chris Stigall on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT that Rollins may have talked Utley in to making the move to the West Coast.

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“Chase is probably talking to Jimmy. Jimmy probably said Chase, you need to get off that ship. Everybody loves you but half of the fans think you need to be gone. All the things we did there, we can be proud of it, but come join me man.”

He stated that at this stage of his career, Utley could choose where he wound up, and is probably content with the decision.

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“The beauty of Chase being Chase is that he had total control of his future. If he wanted to stay, he could’ve stayed. He agreed to the trade to the Dodgers, rejoining Jimmy Rollins, which is a fitting way for both of those guys to end their careers the way they started it. That tells me that Chase is happy.”

Reece thinks this a deal where every side comes out ahead.

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“If we understand that the changes had to be made, I think the next concern would be for the guy that did so much for the team, brought so much fun to the sports parts of the city, I think the next step is, is he happy? By him agreeing to the trade, I think all should be well.”