By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s been tough for Sixers fans rooting to see Joel Embiid on the court with the team. Embiid has yet to play for the Sixers since being taken with the third overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

It was reported that Embiid would undergo surgery on his foot on Tuesday. Embiid shared a photo following the procedure to let fans know that everything went well.

Seeing Embiid in a hospital bed is not the sight that fans are rooting for. They would much rather see him like this or like this.

The Sixers have been very silent when it comes to Embiid’s current condition. Weeks went by between the Sixers announcing that Embiid would have the season-ending procedure in about a week and now.

It remains unclear why it took so long for the procedure to be done, but it is over and Embiid will spend another season on the sidelines preparing for an eventual NBA debut.