Felicite Moorman, Esq. is a successful attorney, mentor, and entrepreneur. Moorman attended the University of Maryland School of Law and received the Inaugural Law Leadership Scholarship. As an entrepreneur, Moorman is the CEO of BuLogics and is considered an expert in the wireless industry. Philadelphia-based company BuLogics is an “Internet of Things” (IoT) organization with a mission to help companies and consumers make their goals obtainable on a daily basis. Moorman is also founder and CEO of StratlS, LLC., which is an energy and automation platform for campus communities and more.

(Photo Courtesy of Felicite Moorman, Esq.)

(Photo Courtesy of Felicite Moorman, Esq.)

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What is your educational background?

“After putting myself through college for multiple majors, I volunteered to coordinate the freshman political campaign of a brilliant attorney. Nearly immediately, she recommended I attend her alma mater, The University of Maryland School of Law. I applied, received a full scholarship, and never looked back.”

What is your background in your field?

“I’ve been entrepreneurial all of my life but realized the limitations of just being my own boss while in law school. I began hiring trusted leaders in the legal industry, people far more informed than I, and grew the company to $1.5 billion in revenue in five years with their help.”

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How has your education fueled your success?

“My education was very broad and deep in multiple subjects, allowing me the insights necessary to make connections far beyond the surface. Management is rarely a surface deep endeavor, and I learned to embrace the complexity of challenges to solve them.”

What advice would you give someone just starting out in your field?

“Whether in law or technology, take calculated risks towards becoming a linchpin in your field. Put yourself out there, be it volunteer or career. And don’t settle. A bad job is like a diet: a miserable waste of time.”

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