NEW YORK, NY (CBS) — Do you think your child would meet with someone they communicated with online?

If the answer is no, you may want to think again.

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A social experiment done by Coby Persin gives children a lesson about social media and stranger danger.

With the permission from the young girls’ parents, Persin, posed as a 15-year-old boy, friend requested three girls on Facebook, spoke with them over several days and made plans to meet with them in person.


The video shows the first girl, Mikayla, agree to meet with Persin, who is posing online as “Jason Biazzo” at the park after her parents leave the house.

Mikayla meets with “Jason” a short time later, and her father emerges.

“Mikaya! Are you crazy?!” Her father screams.

The video shows Mikayla begin to profusely apologize.

“He could’ve been a rapist or a pedophile!” Her dad yells.

But as the video reveals, Mikayla isn’t the only girl who agreed to meet with “Jason Biazzo.”

The next girl, 12-year-old Juliana, makes plans to meet up with “Jason” after her father, John, falls asleep.

The video shows her father in the car with Persin, pretending to be “Jason” to Juliana. He says he does not think he daughter will let him in.

“God, I hope she doesn’t open the door.”

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Juliana texts “Jason” the address and tells him to come to the front door.

The video shows before Juliana can react, her father is yelling for her to “Get over here! What’s wrong with you?”

Like Mikayla, Juliana begins to apologize over and over.

Her father says, “We already lost your mother, what would I do if anything happened to you?”

Last up in the video is 14-year-old Jenna.

Persin, again posing as “Jason,” begins messaging back and forth with Jenna, and Persin says he even speaks with her over the phone.

In the video, Jenna agrees to get in a car with “Jason” and his brother. But she doesn’t realize her parents are
in the vehicle as well.

Once they pull up to her residence, her father comments, “She better not come out.”

Like clockwork, the video reveals Jenna walking out of her home and approaching the car.

The video shows Jenna get in the front seat and suddenly her parents grab her from behind.

“What are you thinking?” Her mother asks, and her father demands she hand over her cell phone.

In the video, her mother says, “What would have happened if it weren’t us sitting back here? We never would’ve saw you again.”

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Dave Carlin from WCBS in New York has more on the exercise in tough love.