By John McDevitt

By John McDevitt 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s called the Soldier Ride, a cycling event to help military veterans transition back to civilian life. Retreats are held in various cities across the country, and focuses on healing, camaraderie and cycling.

Fifty-three military veterans participated in the 12-mile Soldier Ride that started at Lincoln Financial Field in South Philadelphia, the ride continued toward the Art Museum area, before finally finishing back at the Linc. The ride was organized by the Wounded Warrior Project.

Among cyclist was Iraq war veteran John Conway from Pittsburgh. Conway says these retreats help veterans bond with each other, while helping them find inner peace.

“These soldier rides, what they do is they motivate you to go out and complete a task, and while you are completing that task, you are not thinking about the injuries or your mental blocks that you have,” Conways says. “You are focused on your buddy in the front, your buddy in the back, and at times you get that sense of peace and you don’t feel that pain, that worry.”

After the ride, the warriors relaxed and took in an Eagles practice.