By Ray Boyd and David Madden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are a number of Pope related items that will be debuting in our area around and during Pope Francis’ visit to Philadelphia. Among the items that will commemorate the trip is a beer courtesy of Cape May Brewing Company.

The pale ale will be called #YOPO (You Only Pope Once).

As KYW’s David Madden reports, the company’s President and co-founder, Ryan Krill, describes YOPO as “a light beer, something that  he would potentially like, and we brewed it with an unholy amount of hops.”

That gives the brew a citrus type flavor which he suggests might go well with Argentinean beef.

And Krill says the Holy Father, an Argentinean native, might just like a little taste of home even if he’s not exactly a beer type of guy.

“We have, like, some of these flavors that can be very citrusy in this beer,” he says, “and depending on how they’re preparing that steak, it’d be a home run.”

Krill says the company considered having a priest come in and bless the water used in the beer but opted not to, fearing that might offend some people.

The company has already brewed some 500 gallons of the craft beer and is working on a second batch right now. But like most microbrews, you won’t find it just anywhere.

Plans are to send kegs to a limited number of bars and restaurants in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, with strict instructions to hold it until mid-September, about a week before Pope Francis’s arrival in Philadelphia. They’ll also make it available in the brewery’s tasting room in Cape May.

“We’re always looking for ways to push the envelope,” Krill said. “At the same time, it’s never a gimmick we’re after. #YOPO will get a laugh from pop culture enthusiasts, sure, but it’s also a tasty and layered beer in its own right.”

For more information on the Pope-inspired beverage, you can visit