By Geoff Bansen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Split Decision. No, that’s not a reference to last night’s presidential debate! Depending on your location, Friday’s forecast will be very different for you.

A storm system located along the mid-Atlantic is bringing clouds and some wet weather to southern portions of the Delaware Valley. Delaware and the Jersey shore will stay cloudy for the majority of the day, with a few showers as well. Further north in Philadelphia, mostly cloudy skies will eventually give way to some sunny breaks later in the day as the edge of this storm virtually dissects the city.

As you continue up north into the Lehigh Valley and Poconos, you can expect a generally nice day with more sunshine. Daytime highs will be directly affected by the amount of cloud cover. Southern areas will remain in the upper 70s, with low to mid 80s further north. As can often be the case in weather forecasting, 100 miles can make all the difference!

The storm system, which has proved to be a difficult one to track throughout the week, will continue to push out to sea at a more progressive rate. This means we can expect yet another dry weekend, with mostly sunny skies and comfortably warm temperatures!

Since the start of July, only .02″ of rain have fallen, all of which came on Independence Day. Other than that, the Delaware Valley has primarily seen some great summer weather; don’t take this streak for granted, but do take advantage of it!