By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Jimmy Rollins is back in Philadelphia for the first time with the Dodgers this week.

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While in town, Rollins called in to speak with Michael Barkann and Ike Reese about his return, the way the fans have treated him and the future of the Phillies and some of his former teammates.

Rollins received a standing ovation as he came to the plate in the first game of the series. The fans flooded the ballpark with cheers as the team’s all-time hits leader took to the plate.

The cheers caused Rollins to have to tip his helmet twice to the fans.

“It was incredible,” Rollins said of the ovation. “I was like ‘oh wow.'”

Joining in on the ovation was some of Rollins’ former teammates including Carlos Ruiz who was behind the plate and Ryan Howard who teamed up with Rollins for countless put outs at first base.

Rollins said he didn’t notice them cheering for him as well, but he maintains a close relationship with those guys.

“Those guys know how I feel about them. I still text them,” Rollins said. Howard and Rollins shared a hug prior to the game during warm ups that conjured up memories of all the successful years the two spent together.

The love from the fans did not end on Tuesday night. The crowd continued to cheer for Rollins on Wednesday night as well.

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Rollins expressed how much he truly appreciates the reception he has received in his return.

“They’re definitely showing me the love,” Rollins said of the fans in Philadelphia. “It’s just special.”

Being back in Philadelphia is the first time Rollins had to visit the visiting clubhouse at the ballpark. He’s used to not being a Phillie anymore, but that was something that took awhile for him to accomplish.

He said the first time he saw himself in Dodger Blue, it was an interesting sight for him.

“I didn’t recognize it was me because I wasn’t used to seeing myself in [Dodgers] colors,” Rollins said of his first day in L.A.

Despite being on the west coast, Rollins keeps some tabs on the Phillies. He talked about the team’s recent improved play and referenced the fact that a certain amount of “tension,” might have been lifted from the team following the resignation of Ryne Sandberg.

“It’s definitely a good sign,” Rollins said of the Phillies’ recent hot streak, but he admitted that it has to last longer to be consider real. Rollins emphasized that it’s important for the new crop of young Phillies to experience success for their confidence.

Rollins is now focused on helping the Dodgers get into the playoffs and hopefully go all the way. He is happy for the situation he is in and hopes the same for former teammates like Howard and Chase Utley.

“”I wish the same for those guys,” Rollins said of the team being able to move them to winning situations.

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