MANCHESTER, N.H., (CBS) — Birth Control was on the agenda for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie during a town hall meeting in Manchester, N.H. According to Politico, Christie was on hand taking questions on Tuesday from people at Blake’s Creamery.

The presidential hopeful went into the topic of religion following a question posed by one of the attendees.

Christie was attempting to explain how he employs his Catholic beliefs into how he lives his life, but at some times has deviated from a particular teaching.

He gave the following response:

“We should all acquit ourselves in a way we believe is consistent with the teachings that we follow, if we follow certain teachings from a religious perspective. That’s what I will always continue to try to do. For instance, I’m a Catholic, but I’ve used birth control, and not just the rhythm method. My church has a teaching against birth control. Does that make me an awful Catholic because I believe and practiced that function during a part of my life? I don’t think so.” 

In the video of the comments posted to YouTube, you can see one man in front of Christie place his head in his hand following the remark. There are also some laughs mixed in as well.