By Justin Udo

By Justin Udo 

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Dominican Republic is deporting many of its residents of Haitian descent.Here in Philadelphia there are people standing in solidarity with the Haitians who have to flee their homes.

A new immigration law is causing a large amount of Haitians in the Dominican Republic to return to Haiti.

“There are over 2 hundred thousand people, Dominicans of Haitian descent who have been stripped of their citizenship,” says Marc Antoine, a community leader with the Haitian Diaspora in Philadelphia.

Antoine says they are asking elected officials throughout the region to stand up and speak out against the mass deportation that’s taking place.

“It’s not just a Haitian,” Antoine said. “It’s not just a Dominican issue, not just a black issue. It’s a crime against humanity.”

As part of the efforts to bring awareness to what’s going on, Antoine and other leaders are holding a rally Saturday at love park.