By Cherri Gregg

By Cherri Gregg

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Leaders in Philadelphia’s community rallied in Love Park Wednesday to celebrate the Supreme Court victory on marriage equality and to market the launch of a renewed effort for full equality.

“We’re not done.”

Dozens stood in Love Park today holding signs that say “Love Wins…End Discrimination.” Activists are celebrating a national right for LGBT couples to marry, but now they want more.

“We can all get married which is incredible, but in many parts of the state you can come back and put your husband or wife’s picture on the desk and get fired for it.”

Harvey Huddle is on the Board at Equality Pennsylvania, which is joining forces with with LGBT groups across the state — give the LGBT people a tool against discrimination in housing, jobs, at restaurants and more.

“Discrimination is something you can feel.”

Activist David Applebaum says hate crimes against transgenders, LGBT youth homelessness and bullying are also a part of the new frontier.

“Until individuals are empowered to exercise their rights, nobody has full rights.”

State lawmakers have tried for 10 years to pass an anti-discrimination bill and are hoping momentum from last week’s win on marriage equality means they’ll win this year.