Suzanne Garber is the founder and chairwoman of Gauze. The international health care technology company connects patients with hospitals around the globe. Suzanne graduated from Rutgers University and received her master’s degree with honors from the University of Pennsylvania.

(Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Garber)

(Photo Courtesy of Suzanne Garber)

What is your educational background?

“My Bachelor of Arts is in foreign languages and political science from Rutgers University. My masters degree is in environmental science from the University of Pennsylvania. I also spent a year in law school, which prepared me for the wonderful world of contracts and negotiating although it was clear to me I was never going to be a litigator, or at least a successful one.”

What is your background in management?

“I’m doing a few things right now: I’ve just published a book on executive networking (“SAFETY NETwork: A Tale of Ten Truths of Executive Networking”), filmed a documentary on international health care, and founded a health care technology company, Gauze, that is dedicated to helping internationalists find an appropriate hospital when they are sick abroad. Previous to forming this much-needed start-up, I was the COO for an international medical assistance company, which is based in Singapore and prior to that I spent a 14-year career at FedEx, culminating in the role of the managing director, South America based in Brazil. It’s been a fantastic journey that’s afforded me many opportunities to travel the world, learn sound business practices and governance, and open new markets with new products. I’m very fortunate.”

How has your education fueled your management success?

“It was instilled very early in me to work hard academically and professionally. I earned a scholarship to the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill but transferred to Rutgers, where I worked three jobs to ensure I did not incur any student debt. I graduated with honors majoring in foreign languages and because I’d had a lot of work experience already, was able to find a job rather easily after graduation. While working full-time, I attended the University of Pennsylvania to obtain a master’s degree with honors in environmental science. Once I had the master’s degree, I transferred to another department to take full advantage of my education and was put in charge of clients at FedEx that shipped hazardous materials. It took me all over the world and led me to positions of greater responsibility. Fluency in other languages led to many promotions internationally, both at FedEx and outside. Communicating with other cultures has given me great success in the logistics, health care and filmmaking aspects as I’m able to converse, convey ideas, and comprehend far beyond verbal skills.”

What advice would you give someone just starting out in your field?

“Start building a safety network now, see the world, and take calculated risks. Doing so will ensure a vibrant and exciting career as well as minimize any regrets of ‘I wish I…'”

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