By Syma Chowdhry

CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — It’s been two days since a short lived storm cause a ton of damage in Delaware County.

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Cleanup efforts are still underway, but residents are staying positive and lending a helping hand.

It’s a story about neighbors helping neighbors.

Tuesday night’s storm knocked out power to thousands of residents in Delaware County, but they got some relief from unusual location.

CEO of the Philadelphia Union, Nick Sakiewicz says, “This is what good neighbors do and we are trying to create a really good neighborhood here in Chester.”

The Philadelphia Union opened PPL Park to residents so they could shower, get a hot meal, charge their cell phones and recharge themselves.

Ronald Sweeper says, “They have my gratitude and everything was sincerely great.”

Cleanup crews and emergency responders came to take a short break.

Donald Newsom is part of the cleanup crew. He says, “We got a lot of people around us, lot of good workers and we are here to get the job done.”

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Delaware County is under a state of an emergency.

Crews have been working around the clock to restore power and clear fallen trees and branches.

John McBlain, of the Delaware County Council says, “Just hold on, help is on the way. We are going to get through it.”

Folks that are still waiting for help from officials, got support from their neighbors.

Streets like this one were filled with residents helping each clean the debris.

Elroy Lewis says, “Just about everybody that’s lives here was out here. All this stuff was in the street we pulled it to the side Just about everybody was here.”

There are still thousands without power in Delaware County.

There is a 24-hour shelter open in Brookhaven.

And six major roads will remain closed.

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PennDOT reports the following major roads continue to be closed as cleanup continues: Rt 1 South at Thorton Rd in Concord, Creek Rd in Brookhaven, Concord Rd in Chester Township, Dutton Mill Rd in Brookhaven, Cheyney Rd in Thornbury and Concord and Sandy Bank Rd in Concord.