By David Madden

CLAYTON, N.J. (CBS) — It could be the weekend before everyone’s power is restored in the region after Tuesday’s violent thunderstorms.

In the meantime, those in the dark must find ways to cope.

Officials are offering assistance at a number of locations on both sides of the Delaware River, including one in Clayton, Gloucester County.

These days, life comes to a screeching halt without a cell phone, a laptop computer, and an Internet connection.  That’s why Adam Sheldon, of Washington Township, really wants his power back on: to get his home business back on track.

Until that happens, he’s charging up his devices at a Red Cross and Salvation Army station, set up at the Gloucester County complex, on Delsea Drive.

“Sometimes it’s hard to be patient,” he admits, “but there’s nothing anybody else can do about it.  And we’re just waiting for them to finish cutting trees and fixing power lines.”

People can also get food, guidance about filing insurance claims, even a chance to just talk things out.  Sometimes a caring listener is what they need most.