By Mike DeNardo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are new devices in place on the Walnut Street Bridge, designed to separate the bicycle lanes from the car lanes.

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It’s a pilot program right now. Reflector-topped delineators anchored into the pavement on the Walnut Street Bridge keep cars and trucks from veering into the bike lane.

“The complaint we got for the area was that the cars were merging or weaving quicker into the bike lane,” says Streets Department Chief Traffic and Street Lighting Engineer Richard Montanez. “As you know, most of the cars there are taking a left turn to go down on I-76.”

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(Credit: Mike DeNardo)

(Credit: Mike DeNardo)

The delineators have been in place for two weeks, and Montanez says the city is already getting feedback.

“We’ve had, obviously, the drivers who can’t understand why we put it there,” he says. “And obviously from the bicycle community, thanking us for putting it there. So we’ve had both reactions.”

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The city will evaluate the pilot in the fall, and may try the devices in other locations. Montanez says one complicating factor is how the delineators will affect snow plowing operations.