By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A homeless advocacy group is trying to make sure the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia has a lasting impact.

Today, they’re announcing the creation of a fund to be used for anti-poverty efforts and a letter-writing campaign to get more federal action on the issue.

Project HOME co-founder, Sister Mary Scullion, is the chair of the hunger and homelessness committee for the papal visit, a task she wanted to make more than symbolic.

“Pope Francis’s visit is such an amazing and incredible event,” said Scullion, “we don’t want to lose this opportunity for us as a community to deepen our impact and services for those who are most in need.”

So the non-profit is establishing the Francis Fund and hopes to raise a million and a half dollars for specific projects at some 50 non-profits that aid the poor, one of the pope’s favorite issues. None of the money will go to Project HOME.

It’s also created a website where you can lobby congress to make ending poverty a national priority.

The poverty and homelessness committee is also creating a mural for the visit and working on a plan for the homeless who frequent the Parkway to find alternate sleeping and feeding locations during the visit.

Hear the extended interview in this CBS Philly podcast (runs 3:53)…