By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — “Oh my Gosh that is a blessing!”

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When Bernice Daniels was driving near 20th and Diamond Streets Sunday afternoon, she noticed two children struggling to carry their laundry to a laundromat.

“It was heavy, they were actually carrying it, it’s not like they had a push cart. It’s not like they had their laundry inside of bags, it was inside of a hamper.”

She wasn’t the only one that saw the children.

Officer Sammy Brinson pulled over to help the boy and girl and that’s when Bernice handed her phone to her daughter and told her to start recording.

“He told the kids to go ahead and walk, and he is going to drive the clothes to the laundromat.”

The officer dropped off the clothes to this laundromat.

The owner didn’t want to speak on camera and says he doesn’t know the children, but has seen them before.

Bernice posted the video online Wednesday and it quickly went viral.

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“I always post things online so I said, ‘let me go ahead and post this on my Facebook’ and I was really shocked at everyone’s responses.”

“All cops are not mean and nasty. That was so nice.”

Bernice says the video is a reminder that officers are here to help the community.

“He did something that I wanted to do. I wanted to help those kids, but I’m thankful that he did it, because I’m a stranger. I’m a stranger so if I would’ve walked up to the children, they probably would’ve ran and left their laundry there.”

Bernice’s nine-year-old daughter says she will never forget what she witnessed.

Breyannah Daniels says,”The officer was really helpful to them he cared about those children that were walking down the street with all those clothes.”

Philadelphia Police say the officer wasn’t available for an interview, but Bernice wants to thank him for his random act of kindness.

“Thank you for doing your job and going above and beyond. Not just your job, you went above and beyond and you put your heart out there on the street of Philadelphia and I appreciate that and I’m thankful. Keep up the good work.”

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