By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa., (CBS) — The chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission says January is when the conversion to all electronic tolling is expected to begin with a pilot program at the Delaware River Bridge.

Turnpike Commission Chairman Sean Logan says the conversion will begin first in January at the Delaware River Bridge followed by a Turnpike extension out west next summer to assess the readiness of technology and other issues.

“Look at some of the concerns that myself and the other commissioners have… and then look at some of the other extensions.”

Come January, motorists coming in from New Jersey on the Turnpike who don’t pay with E-ZPass will have a photo of their license plate taken at the Delaware River Bridge. They will pick up a ticket at a new toll plaza at Neshaminy Falls and they’ll be billed in the mail for the six mile trip to the new plaza. Cash customers traveling eastbound will go through a traditional toll booth at the new Neshaminy Falls plaza instead of the bridge. The toll plaza at the Delaware Valley Interchange will be eliminated.