By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa., (CBS) — The state Senate has approved a bill to reauthorize and increase the state’s 911 surcharge on phone service.

The measure passed by the Senate would reauthorize the 911 phone surcharge, which otherwise expires at the end of the month, and would increase it to $1.65 per month. In addition, Philadelphia and all other counties could impose an additional fee of up to $52 per year per residential address. Republican Senator Randy Vulakovich says lawmakers need to keep the bargain they made on 911 service.

“In 1990, the state promised to pay for 911. We are now funding this system at 70 percent,” said Vulakovich.

Vulakovich says the increased fees will help insure that all Pennsylvania 911 centers are able to accept emergency contacts via new technology. The bill now goes to the House which had previously passed the measure without the county fee provision.