By Steve Patterson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The school year is almost over, and that means more teenagers might be outside later than they should be, especially in this warm weather.

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Philadelphia Police are asking parents to help enforce the city’s curfew.

“We’re going to be stepping it up with curfew enforcement throughout the city of Philadelphia,” said Philadelphia Police Lt. Mike Goodson.

Summer is starting, school is ending.

Facts of city life in June — and the only people that know better than the teens — are the people charged with their protection.

“We want to make sure that our juvenile population stays safe,” said Lt. Goodson.

Summer curfew enforcement now in effect.

Police are focused on party-problem areas like South Street, promoted heavily about four years ago when flash-mobs started growing out of control.

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Now, the curfew is enforced city-wide.

Minors 16-and-older – 11 p.m.

14-15 – 10 p.m.

13-and-under – 9 p.m.

“We’ve been very, very successful,” said Lt. Goodson.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Mike Goodson says officers issue curfew violations every year by the thousands and it’s effective.

But he also says it’s not about carrying a big stick, it’s a tool to curb bad behavior.

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“To make sure that not only do they not become victims of crime but that they don’t fall subject to the pressures and the peer pressure of actually becoming people who perpetrate these types of crimes,” said Lt. Goodson.