By Gary R’nel

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The most technologically advanced GPS system in existence could not facilitate the Obama administration in navigating through its foreign policy decisions. They are simply and purely inexplicable. The Commander in Chief, first and foremost, is responsible for the protection of our citizens and the sovereignty of our Republic. Obama’s recent edicts in this area exemplify the complete antithesis of this most sacred responsibility.

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The White House has put the onus on the Iraqis to fight and defeat the Islamic State. Press Secretary Josh Earnest says that “The United States is not going to be responsible for securing the security situation inside Iraq.” Many recent surveys tell us that a majority of citizens want no further investment of American lives and treasury into what they now envision as an exercise in futility in Iraq and Afghanistan. This same majority embraces the idea of the U.S. military supporting the eradication of this metastasized cancer known as ISIS and Al Qaeda. This could be accomplished through continuous drone attacks, unabated air attacks, a strengthening and validation of the alleged allied coalition, and a groundswell and expansion of American advisors and trainers.

Obama’s reluctance to exercise military power fused with his complete and total misunderstanding of how to defeat terrorism is grounded in his politically correct world. Political correctness, if left unchecked, is a pathway to an unstable future.

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Two reports this week underscore just how misguided this President is in securing America’s future. The FBI is calling on local law enforcement agencies across the country to track the exponentially growing population of ISIS supporters in the United States. There are active investigations in all fifty states. Whether they are terror cells or lone wolfs, their intent is to destroy the homeland from within. Obama refuses to acknowledge that America’s soft targets (shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, libraries) will inevitably be descended upon by these megalomaniacs. We need to confront terrorists using intelligent military strategy while securing a transformation in the way these individuals think about the world. The latter, is the more challenging of the two. Obama’s complete lack of comprehension here
is unforgivable.

Also, this week, we learned that the five Taliban leaders traded a year ago for Sgt. Bowe Bergdhal could be free to travel as early as Monday to return to the battlefield. Fox News reported in March, that according to reliable sources in Qatar; at least three of the five have tried to plug into their old terror networks. Additional information concerning Bergdahl’s alleged desertion of his post simply confirms what a misguided decision this was on the part of the President. It was disconcerting watching the President heaping praise on Bergdhal’s parents in a Rose Garden ceremony while expressing concern about Bergdhal’s well being. Where is the Rose Garden ceremony for the hundreds of thousands of veterans suffering from PTSD and the 18 to 22 suicides each day?

President Obama’s refusal to recognize the existential threat of Islamic terrorism is fundamentally and unequivocally irresponsible and inexcusable. America’s future is at stake.

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His irrational behavior and lack of integrity is reflective of an absolute egregious error in judgment. History will record this. It is truly appalling.