By Diana Rocco

LEVITTOWN, Pa., (CBS) — Neighbors in the Pinewood section of Levittown, Bucks County woke up early Sunday morning to tires slashed.

“My neighbor next door called me and told me that the tires were all flattened out,” said neighbor Vince Gizzi.

Some had multiple vehicles hit and by noon, neighbors had reported 17 cars in total and 28 tires on several different blocks.

“Most people suffered two tires. The way that you park your cars down there out on the drive, part of your car faces out towards the roadway and it appears that he was slicing both tires on each car,” said Falls Township Police Lt. Henry Ward.

“It’s terrible and it’s expensive,” said Gizzi.

Vince Gizzi had two cars vandalized. He replaced the tires on his truck but couldn’t spend the money for both vehicles at once.

“It was $180 for the two, and I still have the other two to do yet,” he said.

“By the time you pay the deductible and then they raise the rates, you’re not really gaining nothing.”

(Reporter:) “So it comes right out of your pocket?”

“Right, no matter what,” he said.

Police were able to find some surveillance video on one of the homes nearby and they say on it they found a person of interest who is known to them.

“This person appears to have done this was walking so I would say it’s somebody that lives either in the Pinewood section or one of the adjacent sections, North Park, Stonybrook, something like that,” said Lt. Ward.

Police are looking for a man in his 30’s and they say if they catch him he could be facing a slew of charges, thousands in restitution and jail time.